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網 友 相 牽

曲:夜鬼 詞:夜鬼(廣東) / Gavin(English) 編:夜鬼 * 願你 多歡笑 多歡唱 多傾訴 多分享 心裡事 不要懼 不有淚 只需這 歡笑臉 永伴隨 這生裡 的知己 在世上 確實是 難遇見 只冀待 心永在 這友誼 真摯莫變 # 來自何地何方 何用須太在意? 齊來獻上心中每份 天真坦率性情 心裡愛互牽 如是觸傷你心 一笑置之別介懷 難道這就是真友誼? 你我心底蘊藏 心裡念記 Repeat * # * 願這天 歡樂重溫 昔 日片段 沒有懼 (沒有懼) 沒有淚 (沒有淚) 情永遠

The Song of Forumers

We are... those people who always make laughs and take happi-ness to heart We never set any barrier between all our friends We were people that had not met with each other Internet and Goddess made us to become friends! Any where in the world, friendship never fades Donate all our spirit and mind, truthfulness and lovely Cass fans never wry If you feel unhappy, just forget all about it We will always be loving you, nothing really matters just talk to us! * We are... for-um-ers who al-ways give our love to e-very-one We often cre-ate things we would not have expec-ted We often mess forum up b-ut Ri-ta won't... blame us! We are al-ways waiting for Cass to appear! Cass fans are not many, but they are all loyal Because loyalty to music, Cass's voice is so great, and her good manner! If you love her music, do not buy any pi-rates! Go and buy her real good album, fill in the form inside, join Cass House now! Repeat * We all cried... when Cass became... a... great mother We love her (we love her)... We praise her (we praise her)... For-e-ver!